Are you experts?
No, we’re rank amateurs and learning as we go, so be careful taking anything we say here as being accurate. We are trying hard though.

Do you think you anthropomorphise a bit?
Yes, shamelessly.

Barn Owls don’t ‘hoot’, do they?
We know (that would be Tawny Owls), but we started calling any owl here ‘Hooty’ a long time ago and the name has stuck as a general term for all owls.

Why ‘Tipton’s Croft’?
According to the old tithe records a Mr Tipton lived nearby and used the field, hence it was recorded then as ‘Tipton’s Croft’ and we thought it would be appropriate to restore this title.#]

How big is Tipton’s Croft?
About five acres, with an attached half-acre orchard field and a half-acre house and garden.

Are you organic?
No, it would be very hard not to use any chemicals, though we do minimise their use to limited spot spraying of significant weed outbreaks where other measures are not possible and we do not use any artificial fertilisers or add nitrates to the soil.

Can we visit Tipton’s Croft?
No, unless you know us very well! It is private land and currently not open to the public, though we do plan to hold some invitation-only events for local wildlife organisations in the future.

Can we use your photos or videos?
Yes, but please ask first. For non-commercial use we do not charge but would ask for acknowledgement in some way (e.g. a link to Tipton’s Croft).