Our barn owls deserve a page all for themselves. ‘Hooty’ was already using the field for hunting when we took it over in 2016, and he didn’t take long to settle into a Barn Owl nest box we installed in one of the old oaks on the field boundary. His partner (‘Hootie’ of course) arrived soon afterwards and in 2018 they had a successful hatching of three youngsters who we watched as they grew up and eventually left the nest.

Update April 2020 and as you can see from the blog we now have a new pair of barn owls nesting in the old nest box so hopefully some eggs very soon.

And yes, barn owls don’t ‘hoot’ so shouldn’t really be called Hooties, but that’s what we call all owls here so bear with us!

Update September 2020 and another successful brood, with two new additions to the local population.