The Pond

We recognised the need for a source of water for the croft (we’re planning on introducing stock animals such as sheep) and realised a pond would provide this as well as being of ecological benefit. We identified a low lying area of the field into which much of the field drained and in 2018, after digging some test holes that revealed a good deep layer of clay, we dug out a large pond.

Due to the clay the site needed no artificial lining and we haven’t added any pumps or other equipment. All the spoil from the pond has been used to improve the rest of the field and to create a landscaped bank of earth that has become a new flood-proof habitat for small mammals such as field mice.

The pond filled rapidly over the next few months and now is attracting a wide range of flora and fauna and should continue to improve over the next few years.

And in 2019 it looked like this.

It has a way to go yet. We’ve planted some native plants and the water is gradually clearing as well as filling with life. Swallows hunt over it during the day, replaced by bats at dusk.